Alfred Eisenstaedt Shoots Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels


From… “Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt captured this powerful candid portrait of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels after Goebbels learned that the Eisenstaedt was Jewish.”

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Barça Is In My Blood, Under My Skin.

The FC Barcelona 2009-10 campaign by Diver & Aguilar crafted an edgy, rawness look and feel to otherwise typical shots of athletes in action. Lionel Messi (left) and Dani Alves inks are loosely translated per above title.

Little Black Dresser

The captivating furniture design of local Vancouverite Judson Beaumont. From hollow arm chairs storing your personal belongings to fantasy-like squiddy furniture, his pieces are truly unique works of art.

New Meets Old

Polish photographer Andrzej Dragan captured these stunningly eerie images for JWT Warsaw of old Adolf Hitler, Bruce Lee and Marilyn Monroe. Again—similar to my previous Metropolis post—what one expects is totally different from what is actually depicted. In this case, one doesn’t expect to see these societal icons in their elderly years.

// via Robert Earnest

Take 5 On The Set Of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

This 1927 film classic had always been symbolized by a human-like robot, how uncanny to see her taking a sip.
// via Adski Kafeteri

Numbers Game

Some of the films are easy to identify, and others are difficult.


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